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Customizing Firearms is what we do.

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Welcome to Atlas Tactical, a Small Business where we customize, manufacture and sell all things firearms and firearms related. We offer our customizing services local + nationwide, with return shipping covered, with all services being completed in-house. Check out our store for Optic Cuts, Window Cuts, Barrel Porting, Cerakote, Stippling, and more. We also offer Gunsmithing on any firearm that may be giving you a hard time.

How does shipping in your firearm work?

We're glad you asked!

After purchasing your Service of choice, you will ship your Slide, Frame, or entire firearm if you are not comfortable disassembling it, to us at:

6475 E Main St, Suite 123, Reynoldsburg OH 43068.

**No FFL is needed for us to return your firearm to you.**

Specific mailing instructions for each service can be found on the product page for each service. Free Return Shipping is included with all Ship In Services. 

Have questions? We are here to help! Simply reach out to us (texts included) at 614-407-6007 or send us an email at You can also leave us a message right here through our website, by clicking the Let's Chat feature in the lower right corner. Please note, that local clients are welcome to drop off/pick up their firearms for services.

Jayson P, OH

Small locally owned shop that specializes in customization. As a first time firearm owner they answered all my dumb questions and were extremely fair and unbiased. No pushy sales tactics. Very genuine down to earth dudes.

Ryan D, OH

Dropped my glock off to have it cut for a RMR and they knocked it out of the park, everything from the optic cut and slide window down to the camo cerakote is perfect. They quoted me 2-4 weeks and hit it on the dot with 2 weeks and 1 day from drop off to pickup.

Brian H, OH

The team at Atlas Tactical Armory do amazing work! Anything from just simply buying a firearm or customizing your firearm, you can trust that you will be taken care of with this team. Keep up the great work everyone!

Nick Y, OH

Atlas tactical killed it with the work they did for my 19x. I can go on and on about the work, but what I appreciated the most is that whenever something came up, they were quick to reach about about what I wanted/needed for my setup. Very transparent people and really had my best interest in mind. I’ll continue taking all my future projects to them.
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