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Looking to add style to your slide, reduce recoil and return to target faster on your compact firearm? Then a Compact Window Cut + Barrel Port may be what you are looking for. Please note that we fit as many ports that we safely can on each barrel. If you have a specific amount that you are looking for, please reach out to us so that we can go over all of your options. 


Please visit to find and select your color from the H Series line, then enter that color into the text box. 


**If you are looking to purchase this in conjunction with any other service, please directly email us at, or message us through the site. We can then build your custom work order specific to your needs. We factor in bundling deals when multiple services are wanted and cannot reflect those options on our website. We try to be as responsive as we can, even in the evenings.**


When shipping us your slide + barrel please include a printout of your order. Slides + barrels received without the printout will be returned at the customer's expense.


Once purchased, ship your Slide +Barrel (stripped or not) and print out of your Order to:


Atlas Tactical Armory

6475 E Main St, Suite 123

Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Orders cancelled after we receive the slide are subject to a 15% Handling fee. Once machining has started, Orders are Non-Refundable. These terms are understood at the time of purchase.


Compact Window Cut + Barrel Port Bundle

PriceFrom $120.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Full Slide: Your entire slide will be Cerakoted in an H Series color of your choice.

    Milled Area Only: Only the area where we have milled raw will be Cerakoted in an H Series color of your choice.

    Cold Bluing: We will Cold Blue the milled area so that it is not raw.

    No: We will not coat any of your Slide.

  • ATA will not be held responsible for tool marks left by the CNC, Tooling, Shipping, etc if no Cerakote is selected. We do our best to handle each and every project with caution, however there are circumstances we cannot control despite our best efforts. We clamp these projects down pretty hard in our vice to mill them so it is possible that it will leave a mark in factory coated slides. We offer several options for coating however cerakoting the full slide will always be the best option after any milling. This disclaimer is understood at the time of purchase.

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